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3 Ways To Improve Stamina

Stamina is the physical or mental energy required to complete strenuous activities

Are you tired of lacking stamina or do you fear that you will lose stamina in your later years? You’re not alone.

Participating in regular exercise and fitness activities builds stamina and strength. As our body becomes more efficient, exercise and everyday activities not only become easier, they become more enjoyable.

Regular exercise engages something called overload. Challenging and overloading our body helps us adapt and improve our physical functionality and increases the efficiency of our body systems. This creates more stamina, that helps our body perform longer and better.

Exercise doesn’t always need to be boring and strenuous, activities such as playing tennis or working in the garden, dancing, golfing, swimming, carrying heavy shopping, or playing with energetic children, will help improve your body’s physical stamina, so will functional fitness programs.

Essentially, if you don’t use it you will lose it. So here are my top tips for improving your stamina….

  1. Do Hybrid and or Compound Exercises:

    Doing an exercise that works several muscles and not just one muscle, Is a Compound exercise. And doing an upper body movement whilst simultaneously performing a lower body movement, is a hybrid exercise. Including these in your workout will help improve the stamina of your whole body, instead of just particular parts.

  1. Vary your workouts:

    Only doing aerobic exercises such as cycling or swimming are great for your cardiovascular system, but they will leave you deficient in other areas such as strength and balance. Combining various forms of exercise, such as a functional fitness programs and aerobic exercise will challenge your body in several areas of fitness such as strength, balance, aerobic fitness, flexibility and coordination, and increase your overall stamina.

  1. Always challenge yourself:

    Doing the same exercise over and over with the same weight, duration and rest time will limit your progression. By experimenting with the weight, duration and rest time you will always be challenging your body, allowing it to adapt and improve.


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