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About Active & Ageless

At Active and Ageless over 50s Health Club we provide simple yet effective solutions, for people to improve their health and quality of life through physical activity. If you have not exercised in a long time, and if you would like to improve your health in a specialised, safe and non-intimidating environment then Active and Ageless could be for you.

"If you're going to be addicted to something in life, be addicted to your health. Your older self will thank you for it" Heath

Active & Ageless Over 50s Health Club

Club Manager

I have created Active & Ageless over 50s health club, as I believe there is a need to provide people age adjusted health & fitness strategies to lead a better quality of life. Our club is a place that you can visit and receive specialist trainers and equipment, in a non-intimidating and fun environment. I am a massive advocate for the belief that exercise is medicine, and that if we look after our bodies at any age our lives can be so much more fulfilling and enjoyable.

“Live life to the fullest at any age!’ Heath

Jasmine Wong



With a background in accounting, I transitioned in health & fitness to follow my calling. Having once been less active, I understand the challenges and obstacles to embark on a fitness journey.  

I wholeheartedly believe that exercise has the power to transform lives. I am committed to providing unwavering supported and motivation. Together, we will celebrate every milestone achieved toward reaching your fitness goals.


Alannah Mackay

Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor

I hold a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Australian Catholic University and bring a wealth of knowledge as a Pilates ITC instructor. I offer holistic and evidence-based care for musculoskeletal conditions, women’s health, sporting injuries, chronic pain management, individualised programs for hip and knee osteoarthritis, 1:1 clinical exercise and group mat Pilates classes.


I believe in understanding the whole person, not just their symptoms or injuries. My mission is to provide high quality physiotherapy services, focusing on thorough assessments, individualised treatment programs and long-term prevention.


I aspire for every individual entering our doors to leave feeling empowered, in control of their health, and ready to embrace life to its fullest!

Dr Jordan Seib

Chiropractor/ Personal Trainer

My passion and skills skilled in healthcare are helping and rehabilitating people.  My background has been a lifetime of high level sports and there’s not many injuries that I haven’t come across. A chiropractor is not all about cracking backs. My treatments are approached in a holistic way,

Using various techniques like dry needling, soft tissue and adjustments to name a few, help in treating all sports related injuries, work place injuries, postural issues, general aches and pains, and more.   My aim is to have you back to your optimal best in as short a time as possible