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Protein Requirements for Over 50s: A Complete Breakdown

Healthy proteins for over 50s

In this article we will talk about some of the misconceptions around dietary protein and help you to gain greater clarity on protein requirements for over 50s. Each section will provide some helpful tips around protein related topics for the purpose of understanding your daily requirments   What is protein and what do we need […]

Exercise Consistency and Proven Strategies to Maintain it

Over 50s exercise class

 Exercise Consistency and Proven Strategies to Maintain it In the world of health & fitness, the golden ticket to success is exercise consistency. However, life sometimes gets in the way and it does its best to make us fall off the rails. To help with these challenges we discuss some proven strategies to maintain exercise […]

Healthy Habits: A Revolutionary Way to Set and Achieve Goals

This image shows some happy ladies who have completed an over 50s exercise class to create healthy habits

Are you wanting to create some healthy habits for the new year? Has the challenge of goal setting ever left you a little disappointed with yourself come mid -year? Or sometimes even sooner? This year I’ve decided to try a revolutionary way to set and achieve goals through creating consistent healthy habits. I also implore […]

When is the best time to exercise?

What is the best time to exercise?

When it comes to incorporating exercise into your daily life, finding the best time to train can be quite a challenge. Recently I had someone ask me, “what is the best time to exercise?” It isn’t as a simple answer as ‘morning is best’ or ‘afternoon is best’, it depends on several factors. Personally I’m […]

How to stop stress causing weight gain

a person holding his head

Stress can be a big part of our everyday lives. Common causes of stress can stem from things like work deadlines, financial issues, sleep deprivation family problems or poor health. Stress can also be quite misunderstood, and if unchecked can be a burden to both our physical and mental wellbeing. Stress isn’t all bad though, […]

Does Weight Training Burn Fat?

weight training burn fat

Does Weight Training Burn Fat? As you are all training hard, eating healthy, getting stronger, fitter, and healthier, I’ve decided to bring up an age-old debate on whether or not weight/strength training is good for fat loss. In other words, does weight training burn fat? And the answer is a definitive YES!!! So there you […]

Lose Weight in 6 Weeks and Keep It Off?

lose weight in 6 weeks

Lose Weight in 6 Weeks and Keep It Off Losing weight in a short period and keeping it off can be tough and remaining disciplined and resolute is a must in the process. Wondering if it is possible to lose weight in 6 weeks? With a combination of healthy eating, regular physical activity, and more […]

4 Important Tips for warming up Prior to Exercising!

an elderly man warming up for his exercise routine

Why to do an adequate warm up? The best way to warm up prior to participating in an exercise session, would be to engage in some form of traditional cardiovascular exercise for a few minutes and then we are good to train, right? Well not entirely true. Whilst doing some form of cardiovascular exercise to […]

10 Tips to Reverse Ageing

reverse ageing

10 Tips to Reverse Ageing Ok, whilst it isn’t possible to completely reverse ageing, there is most definitely a number of things you can implement in your life, in order to keep your body and mind as healthy as possible! Age gracefully while discovering the role of hydration, nutrition, active living and more! Embrace these […]

Weight Loss Unveiled: 5 Proven Methods

Weight Loss Unveiled: 5 Proven Methods By Steph Harris | Health Scientist Tired of trying to find the right ways to lose weight? Discover our proven methods for sustainable weight loss and start your journey with us! 1. Lose Weight Slowly Losing weight should never be approached as a race. Plenty of companies will try […]