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A Good News Story On Osteoporosis Prevention

A 55Plus Success Story!

I am proud to share with you an email I recently received from an excited 55 Plus subscriber.

This lady (let’s call her Jill) is 67 years of age and has been diligently following the 55 Plus exercise videos since we launched in 2018.

Prior to this Jill had a below average level of fitness, that consisted of a daily walk at low to moderate intensity.

Jill recently went for a check up and a Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test for osteoporosis.

*This test is the best way to determine if a person either is at risk of developing osteoporosis.*

Much to her and her doctor’s amazement her BMD had increased since her last test three years ago.

The doctor’s questions to Jill was, “what type of exercise have you been doing since your last scan?”. Jill replied “55Plus exercise videos!” and the doctor advised her “Well keep it up!”.

Check out Jill’s results below..

Jill’s 2015 Bone Mineral Density Results


Jill’s 2018 Results

Note the highlighted section, where Jill’s BMD had increased over the 3 year period since her previous scan.


Just one of the amazing benefits of regular exercise!


If you have seen positive results since subscribing to 55Plus we’d love to hear your story.

Email heath@55plus.com.au to share. We can always change your name if you’d like to stay anonymous.


Kind regards,


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