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How are your 2019 goals going so far?


2019 is now well and truly under way. Most of us are either getting in to the swing of the year or getting very close to it…

Although some of us may have over indulged over the Christmas and New Year period, it’s not too late to get serious about getting back in the habit of regularly exercising and choosing healthier food options.

If you haven’t already, write down a few of your main goals for the year and have them somewhere where you can see them everyday. Keeping them visible helps to remind us what we are working so hard for…

I’d like to share with you some tips that I find helpful for attaining those things both big and small I want to achieve…

Break them down into 3 or 4 key areas

  • Work/Business

  • Health

  • Personal

  • Spiritual

List things you want to achieve in each area, and ways you can get there

Some of My personal goals are:

Business: (55Plus!).

  • Constantly improve the service I provide – Use a professional videographer and some over 55 actors for most of my 2019 videos.

  • Be constantly improving the service to help my 55 Plus followers to become healthier and fitter people – Be open to new ideas

  • Look and sound better on screen for my viewers – Complete a TV presenting course.

  • Work on my programs with mature adults – Offer some free group fitness classes for 55 plus followers.


  • Reach peak physical fitness – Do 2-3 Functional exercise circuits every week. 2 cardio sessions a week, Stretch or Yoga EVERY Day! Paddleboard minimum once per week.

  • Maintain a healthy diet – Eat a low carb diet within a 10-12 hour period each day (That’s 12-14 hours each day without eating AKA Intermittent Fasting)

  • Drink in moderation – A couple of cheeky wines and a beer or 2 only on the weekend, or a special occasion.


  • Learn Guitar – In person and online lessons

  • Travel overseas to the U.S this year – Choose locations and book flights

  • Learn to meditate – Use meditation apps

  • Continue to do well with my masters of exercise science at Uni – Study hard


  • Be happy – smile more

  • Be sociable – make an effort to catch up with family and friends

  • Be charitable – volunteer

Last year was a tough year for me. This year is looking better already, and if I can stick to my goals I hope it will be the best one yet.

Tell someone your goals

It’s also good to tell someone your goals, as they can help you be accountable to them.

Trust me no one wants to feel silly if they’ve confided their personal goals in another person, and they haven’t been staying committed.

55Plus subscribers can feel safe sharing their goals in our private online Facebook community, where our trainers and other members can offer support and advice.

Hopefully the tips are enough to get you started with your 2019 goals, and keep you on track to a happier and healthier version of you.

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But get in quick, it won’t last long!

Here’s to a happier and healthier you in 2019!


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