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Rear Lunge with Lateral Raise

This exercise, when done with control will improve your lower body strength, balance and stability. While also increasing strength in the shoulders and upper back and your posture. Incorporating the rear lunge with lateral raise into your workout will help with activities like digging in the garden, lifting heavy objects, swimming and even tennis. activeagelessdhttpss://activeandageless.com.au

Lunge with Single Arm Row

The Lunge with a Row and Rotation, is great for lower body strength, stability and balance. It also has practical benefits such as opening heavy doors or working in the garden activeagelessdhttpss://activeandageless.com.au

Rope Climbs

The Rope Climb is an exercise that targets your abdominal region, and will also challenge your balance and single leg stability. If this exercise is performed correctly and your arms are pulled in tight to the chest, it will also aim to improve arm strength and the pulling motion will target the upper back muscles. […]

1 leg 1 Arm Row

This is quite an advanced balance exercise. It doesn’t matter which arm you do the row with and it is good to change it up sometimes. It is important to keep your hips parallel to the ground. Great balance and core exercise, as well as upper back and posture. Use a light dumbbell for an […]