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Sumo Squat with Front Raise

Glute activation in the squat makes this a fantastic exercise for lower body strength, while the front raise will help improve shoulder strength. Incorporating this exercise into your routine can facilitate and encourage improved posture when transitioning from a squatting to a standing position repeatedly. You may find it helpful with gardening, or lifting heavy […]

Stepping Over Logs

Performing this exercise in a controlled manner, will improve lower body strength and stability in a lateral (left to right) plane. The benefits of this exercise will be seen in daily activities that require strength and stability while on one leg e.g negotiating obstacles in the house or garden. You may also see improvements in […]

Rope Climbs

The Rope Climb is an exercise that targets your abdominal region, and will also challenge your balance and single leg stability. If this exercise is performed correctly and your arms are pulled in tight to the chest, it will also aim to improve arm strength and the pulling motion will target the upper back muscles. […]

3 Quick Exercises to Improve Lower Body Strength

Take a look at this quick workout that will improve lower body strength, stability and balance. This quick workout is easy to do and requires no equipment. activeagelessdhttpss://activeandageless.com.au

Squat With Vertical Fly

Try this great combination exercise that will focus on increasing your lower body strength as well as improving your shoulder mobility and strength. Use light dumbbells for an added challenge and if you have any pain in your shoulders to taking your arms out to the front and not above your head. activeagelessdhttpss://activeandageless.com.au