5 Proven Ways How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

By Steph Harris | Health Scientist   Lose it slowly Losing weight should never be approached as a race. Plenty of companies will try to sell you on the idea that you can lose 20kg and more in 8 weeks, however, they don’t tell you what happens after. The majority of the time, these people […]

4 Tips On Understanding How Much Exercise Is Enough?

It can be confusing when working out how much exercise you should/need to be doing throughout your weeks, in order to maintain a healthy and active life. Here we discuss some of the factors which you should consider, when deciding what your weekly gym schedule should look like…   Sustainability is Key No matter what, […]

Why you should do resistance training

What is resistance training? Resistance training (aka strength training) is exercise that applies tension to muscles through the use of free weights, machine weights, resistance bands or body weight – to induce muscular contraction. Resistance training leads to increased strength, muscle endurance (anaerobic endurance), improves bone density, and promotes positive impacts on body composition (muscle […]

Mental Health and Exercise

Mindful Exercise Exercise doesn’t just improve your physical appearance, but it has a profound impact on your mental state. Exercise can improve our overall mood, energy levels, memory, sleep, and more recent research shows the proven natural benefits it can have in low-moderate levels of depression, anxiety and ADHD.   What happens to the brain […]

7 Foods to Boost your Immunity this Winter

7 Foods to Boost your Immunity this Winter By Stephanie Harris Winter has hit, and every second man and his dog have started coughing all over the place! So, what can you do to give your immune system the best possible chance at staying healthy during these cooler months? Read on to find out…   […]

A Good News Story On Osteoporosis Prevention

A 55Plus Success Story! I am proud to share with you an email I recently received from an excited 55 Plus subscriber. This lady (let’s call her Jill) is 67 years of age and has been diligently following the 55 Plus exercise videos since we launched in 2018. Prior to this Jill had a below […]

How are your 2019 goals going so far?

Hi, 2019 is now well and truly under way. Most of us are either getting in to the swing of the year or getting very close to it… Although some of us may have over indulged over the Christmas and New Year period, it’s not too late to get serious about getting back in the […]

How to not over indulge over Christmas

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, where we all tend to eat and drink more than we should. We then move in to the New Year feeling a little less than happy with ourselves for over indulging. Now I’m not going to stand here up on my soap box and tell you not […]